Portronics Conch 80 in Ear Wired Earphone

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Brand Portronics
Model Name Conch 80
Colour Blac



Headphones form factor In Ear
Connector Type Wired

About this item

  • [LOOKING FOR THE SLEEKEST & HASSLE FREE IN-EAR EARPHONES] : Wired earphones are not exactly the favourite for many these days, but many prefer the convenience of the in-ear earphone for its good old clarity. And if it comes with the preferably convenient quotient then there’s no denying that wired earphones are the most comfortable ear sets in the league.
  • [CLEAR AND POWERFUL AUDIO] : We all love music loud and clear and even if not loud, clarity should not be compromised. The Conch 80 has been wired with the latest audio tech to enhance the experience of listening every time you plug in.
  • [BUILT-IN MICROPHONE KEEPS YOU CONNECTED] : If you are someone who lives for multi-tasking, then here’s your cue, to go and get Conch 80! The in-ear earphone allows for maximum coverage to take incoming calls and have a distortion free conversation, anytime anywhere.
  • [SMART AND DURABLE] : Made out of TPE plastic, the durability of Conch 80 is unquestionable yet we want you to experience it for yourself! The smart audio tech enabled Conch 80 is a dynamic ear set that will completely change the way you listen to music.
  • [3.5MM AUDIO JACK] : Plug into your audio device for a larger than life experience. You will love the way your music sounds through Conch 80, an in-ear earphone that sets the standards really high for its league of earphones.
  • [WIDE COMPATIBILITY] : If you are looking for an ear set that does it all, then Conch 80 is going to be your best fit. With its universal 3.5mm AUX jack you can plug in and out of a wide range of devices and the audio just stays as brilliant!


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