Analog Photocopiers

These are the oldest type of photocopiers and work by using a light source to transfer an image onto a photosensitive drum. The drum is then coated with toner, which is transferred to paper and then fused to create a copy.

Digital Photocopiers

These use a digital scanner to capture the image and then process it using the software. The image is then printed onto paper using toner or ink.

Multifunctional Photocopiers

These combine the functions of a photocopier, scanner, printer, and sometimes fax machine into one device.

Networked Photocopiers

These are photocopiers that are connected to a network, allowing multiple users to print or copy documents from the same machine.

Color Photocopiers

These are photocopiers that can produce color copies and are often used for printing marketing materials or other documents that require color.

Portable Photocopiers

These are small and lightweight photocopiers that can be easily transported and used on the go.

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